Example Workflow

This is why I use a password vault/manager. Look at this simple workflow. This speaks for itself. This happens on every site/application that I use.

If you want people to avoid practices, you need to make it easy. This is why I provide a password vault for my wife, and my children. It also makes things like sharing the Netflix account a breeze.

The Problem with Passwords

Passwords solve the access requirement to protect data or system access from unauthorized parties by ensuring only the password/key holder can access the resource. A password is granted by the identity source managed by the resource owner as part of onboarding.

This occurs multiple times annually for many people. Over the years, they accumulate hundreds of accounts, and thus, hundreds of passwords to manage.

This is an impossible task for the average human to keep organized and coherent.

It’s natural for people to use bad practices as a coping mechanism for this task, such are common passwords or using base words for passwords. This is a dangerous bad practice.

Now, many sites are adding TOTP and other forms of multi-factor authentication, such as 6-digit codes. (You should enable this wherever possible!) This adds complexity to the process, requiring another application, such as Google Authenticator.

A password manager/vault can take care of all your password needs, entering TOTP and Passwords for you automatically!

Password Managers:

  1. Create strong, unique passwords: A password vault can generate random, hard-to-guess passwords for you and store them securely. This can help protect you against password cracking and guessing attacks.
  2. Keep track of your passwords: It can be difficult to remember multiple complex passwords. A password vault allows you to store all your passwords in one secure location, so you only have to remember one master password.
  3. Protect against data breaches: If a website or service you use suffers a data breach, your login credentials (including your password) could be exposed. A password vault can help protect you against this type of risk by using unique, strong passwords for each account.
  4. Convenience: With a password vault, you don’t have to worry about writing down passwords or trying to remember them. You can access your passwords from any device with the password vault app or extension installed.

Overall, using a password vault can help improve the security of your online accounts and make it easier for you to manage your passwords.